Menu Monday: Necessary Food Style

Hey there! I love Briana Thomas’ blog and I was lucky enough to get her cookbook Necessary Food as a gift for Christmas last year. Cookbooks are so fun! I enjoy dabbling and learning new recipes. So, I decided for Menu Monday I would do an entire menu from my THM and THM friendly books maybe make a small series.

If you want to head over to Briana’s she is now married and has another cookbook I hope to add to my collection. Today we will only be using her Necessary Food for this menu.


I will also be making the list simply of 1-7 for a week’s worth of each type of meal. As long as you keep to the principle of only one fuel type and eating every 3 hours without mixing fuels you will be staying within plan guidelines.


1. Overnight Oats pg 30 same for kiddos maybe with a little syrup (she calls them healthy carbs but THM says E)

2. Blueberry Baked Oatmeal pg 31 (carb or E meal)

3. Gooey Brownie for One pg 322 (carb or E meal) kiddos will have some cereal as a treat

4. Banana Bread Mini Donuts pg 384 (carb or E meal) will add some bacon for kids

5. My Favorite Cinbamon Streusel Coffee Cake pg 16. (She calls them healthy fat but THM says S meal)

6. Cream Cheese Danishes pg 380 (fat or S meal)

7. Jumbo Pumpkin Pancake pg 15 with syrup pg 417 kiddos will have with organic milk


1. Crispy Chicken Quesadilla pg 110 (fat or S meal) (lo carb tortilla for me and regular for kids)

2. Buffalo Chicken Salad pg 139 (fat or S meal) normally serve something else for kids.

3. Easy Peasy Lettuce Salad pg 150 (fat or S meal)

4. Healthy Toaster (I use the microwave) Pizza in a Pita Pocket pg 109 (all types of toppings the kids even add pineapple to make a crossover) (fat or S meal)

5. Tomato Basil Soup pg 93 served with sourdough grilled cheese for kids (fat or S meal)

6. Sourdough sandwich (E meal) with her creamy cucumber salad pg 143 (Lo carb and lo fat so THM FP)

7. Taco Soup pg 103 (carb or E meal) served with cheese for kids


1. Mexican Rice Casserole pg 63 (carb or E meal) with retried beans pg 130 (carb or E meal)

2. Cheesy Sausage Balls pg 45 served with green beans (fat or S meal) garlic bread for kids

3. Chicken Alfredo over zucchini noodles/ over pasta for kids (fat or S meal)

4. Sloppy Joes pg 113 (fat or S meal) over buns for kids on lo carb tortilla for me

5. Creamy Chicken Enchiladas pg 61 (fat or s meal) served with side salad and rice for kiddos

6. Broccoli Cheese Soup pg 97 (fat or S meal) with crackers for kids

7. Marinated Picnic Chicken pg 83 (fat or s meal) with side salad and corn for kiddos

So, there you have it kid tested (and sometimes tweaked for growing kids) mother approved and moreover mother’s waistline will improve.

I did not say which meal my hubbie will be having because I give him a choice. He can eat the tweaks for the kids or not. Without my pushing he is often following the plan and wanting to eat healthier. Men tend to lose faster than we do even with xo or crossovers.

Hope this gives you ideas or helps with your week. Many blessings!!!

Monday Menu Plan

Hey folks! Hope your turkey day was awesome here is a quick menu plan for getting back on the wagon (ever fallen off happened to me) after a holiday feast. Once again I am adding links where needed and if you have any questions feel free to ask. Happy belated Thanksgiving! And a word of encouragement Trim Healthy people this is a lifestyle (if you have a cookie at a Christmas party do NOT throw in the towel) so if you make a mistake 3 hours to being back on plan.

Here is my THM menu with tweaks for my kiddos here and there:
Day 1:
S Breakfast: 2 egg muffins (basically you take cheese, veggies and any meat you have pop it in a muffin tin and pour eggs over) and a cup of coffee for mom, all the kids will join except number 1 she is super weird about eggs (texture?) and will make herself a bowl of oatmeal
S Snack: Handful of almonds and leftover turkey (Kiddos tend to rummage in the fridge and each gravitate towards something yogurt, applesauce, veggies and ranch, or fruit.)
S DinnerMrs. Criddles Chicken Enchiladas they are amazing! Will make them with turkey and use regular wheat tortillas for kiddos and lo carb for me and Hubbie.
FP Dessert: Cottage Berry Whip 374 in Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook

Day 2:
E Breakfast: Baked Pumpkin Oatmeal (there are tons of recipes out there that are THM friendly)
S Lunch: Joseph’s Pita sandwich with tomato, pickle, lettuce, cheese, mayo, mustard and leftover turkey and leftover veggies to dip in sour cream/ranch mix. (Kiddos will have same sandwich on sprouted bread with cucumbers and carrots for dipping.)
FP Snack: 000 Yogurt (again kid’s will find a snack)
S Dinner: Salmon (we buy the frozen marinated type from Sam’s Club) over salad for me and Hubbie. (Kiddos will have hamburger with fries)

Day 3:
E Breakfast: THM Sweat Pants Oatmeal
E Lunch: Progresso Soup that is on plan (Light and non-creamy varieties) with a Wasa cracker to dip (kiddos will have chicken nuggets or mac and cheese with fruit on the side)
FP Snack: String Cheese and berries
S Dinner: Hamburger with garlic butter green beans and side salad (Kiddos on buns and ours lettuce wrapped)
S Dessert: Skinny Chocolate (or Lily’s if I don’t have time to make any) with a smudge of sugar free all natural PB

Day 4:
S Breakfast: 2 eggs, bacon and all but the oldest will be eating the same with a side of toast for the kiddos, oldest will be eating oatmeal
E Lunch: Lentil Soup with celery and carrots (love this)
FP Snack: String cheese wrapped with lean deli meat
S Dinner: Baked chicken drumsticks and thighs, garlic butter green beans with salad (kiddos will add a little roll or bread and butter)

Day 5:
S Breakfast: Repeat Day 4
S Lunch: Leftovers (clearing out the fridge time everyone gets something they like)
FP Snack: Greek 0% fage Yogurt with berries and sweetener/go gurt for the kids (I know I know not purist at all)
S Dinner: Sausage and cabbage with mashed potatoes for kiddos and mashed cauli for adults
S Dessert: Repeat Dessert Day 3

Day 6:
S Breakfast: Omelet with any last bits of veggies and meat
E Lunch: Baked sweet potato with cottage cheese on top
S Snack: Veggies tray with plan approved dip
E Dinner: Creamy Bean, Bacon, and Butternut Soup p. 98 in Trim Healthy Table
E Dessert: cottage peach whip

Day 7:
S Breakfast: Egg Scramble with toast for kiddos
S Lunch: Large Green Salad with whatever is left in fridge to clear it out that is S approved: cheese, meats, non-starchy veggies, sprinkle pumpkin seeds and hemp hearts.
FP Snack: repeat day 4
S Dinner: Lasagna made with zucchini noodles and garlic bread for kiddos (gonna be honest and make this a XO by having some garlic sourdough bread too *wink*)

When the Tough Gets Eating: A Choice

Hey there! I apologize for falling off the face of the earth. See for me writing is a sort of crazy love affair. Words. I love words! However, words spin in my head like river rocks tumbling for months asking to come out, but I never believe they are truly polished yet. Sometimes those words are not edifying or in any form what I would call glorifying. I love them. I hate them.

So, I stuff. Do you every stuff? Do you push down the hard feelings? Recently, I have been stuffing a lot. Unfortunately, that comes in the form of self soothing food. I am nothing if not honest. And, my sweet hubs called me out for being dishonest for the sake of peace. That I was not wanting to get confrontational (for those that know me personally stop laughing) and opting to just lie to make things easier. Never wanting to be the girl who was “fine” I have always over shared my feelings. But, with stressful life situations. I fibbed. I said things were fine when they weren’t. Played the part I felt I should. When things got tough…I got eating. And not life giving foods. Comfort giving foods. I did not seek to be comforted by the Spirit I sought out Snickers. Now, I make jokes and laugh, but how often do we find something to comfort us besides the Good Lord?

That is not what the Lord wants. We can be angry, but still righteous.  We can seek peace by way of reconciliation and honesty. We can be whole and broken people, because that is who Christ came to redeem. Real people. With all the feels and all the crazy.

This leads me to the part I have had tumbling in my head for a while. We have the power of LIFE! It came to me sitting in a car on the way home from a baby shower last night. These words tumbling and now falling out in the digital world. We have the power of life or death. We choose. Wow! A hundred thousand sermons in my life and it just came to me. Our Pastor is doing a sermon series called “Choose Life”. I have found it amazing. But something seriously clicked in that car ride with my 13 year old daughter (number #1) as I listened to her giggle and talk about fun with her friend at the party. Excited to be included and have mama to herself. I realized. I do have a choice. CHOOOSE LIFE. I can pour life into this tiny eternal soul.

Bare with me. I am not talking about birth. I am not talking about carrying a child. Some amazing people at our church foster and adopt. My own mother was adopted. There are many women who do not have children, but have the power of life in them. Men also carry this life. Everyone is capable of this power of life, and just as true is the opposite. We are all capable of death dealing. Crushing and destroying. We have a choice. All the time we are making this choice.

Cooking for my family…it is life giving. If I choose it to be. Teaching and training up my children in the ways the Lord would have them go…is life giving. Sitting with a friend who is in pain…just to sit and not speak, helping another mama who is struggling with a toddler that day. Being a wife to my husband…will I give him grief or joy. Building others up with our words…That is life giving.

The Bible tells us over and over again that life is in the blood, our words have the power of life and death, that words cut like swords. To speak life. To give life. To receive life. Or To condemn life, to steal life, to reject life…

My love language is words for receiving and giving. So, let me love myself with my words today. I am broken. I am imperfect. I am redeemed.

Leading into Thanksgiving and the Christmas season. Let’s give life. I love that Jewel song “Hands”. She says, “These hands are small I know but they’re not yours/they are my own.”. I LOVE music, lyrics, and poetry. What an amazing proclamation. These are my hands, they are small, and they are tools. How do I use them? It is up to me and not you.

Simply sitting with my child my touch can be life giving. Healing even. Especially to a kiddo who is ill. My words can be the same.

Which leads me to this revelation. If life can come out of my mouth. It goes in too. Every breath. Every morsel of food. Every drop of liquid. Will it be life giving or will it be death dealing. Will I allow my food to be my medicine and my medicine to be my food?

Let us be those that give life through our hands, hearts and mouths. Let us be women of extreme grace and power. The power of Life.

Time to get real. I am not fine. Life is messy and tiring and hard. But I am ready to move forward. I am tired of the backsliding dieter of neglecting myself, my home, my heart. Change is powerful and it will be life giving.

This is my commitment to y’all and myself. Baby, steps. I am going to post a menu for “Menu Mondays” each week, and I am going to choose life. For my body, my soul and my mind. For my kids health and my husband’s. It will keep me accountable and lead me down the trim healthy mama path. A path I know is full of life giving foods. That is for my body.

This is my commitment to my God. I will set aside a part of my morning every day until the kids get up. So before my feet hit the floor I will have devotions. To study and reflect. To pray. That is for my soul.

This is my commitment to myself. I will do something to bring joy into my life and those around me each day. Even if it is only to straighten a cupboard. That is for my mind.

Choose the power of life giving words today. Of life giving healing loving hands even if those hands are elbow deep in muck cleaning dishes. Choose joy and choose you. The good Lord already did when His Son chose to come down and join us, when His arms were spread on the cross for us! When He said we are made worthy. We are worth it ladies.

Blessings! Let’s do this!

Hitting the Gym…Does it hit back?

Sorry for not taking a photo, but it may have been better that I didn’t. My friend (here and forever more referred to as Friend *anyone catching the Gilmore Girls reference?) and I signed up for the gym together at the beginning of the month. This was my second time there.

We had talked about doing the “30 minute circuit” so as to get a full workout. I do not think I properly prepared. See, as a mom, I am probably less than optimally hydrated. Which is a nice way of saying I live in a state of not so hydrated. Why do I say as a mom? For instance, one would normally finish a water bottle but when there are half chewed goldfish crackers floating in it or say a five year old accidentally pours half down your shirt…well…and then I can’t ever find it. “Where did Mama’s cup go?” Add a 30 min workout and about five years no working out and well…I ended the workout looking like a cherry tomato and feeling less than fresh.

The fun of being a bigger girl at the gym is that I feel like at least I am trying. I am making a positive change and doing something for myself. The fun of being a bigger girl at the gym is that well no one there knows I was once in pretty good shape. Whether anyone is judging me or not I sorta feel a supportive vibe of “good for you lady…you can do this.” I LOVE the gym. After my first baby I bounced back to shape exercising along side my sister in law and even by myself. Hubbie would drop me at the door and for one glorious hour I could listen to my jams and workOUT! And by out I mean get out all the aggression and the frustration I had. We need that ladies. Somewhere along the way I forgot that working out…while good for my body…was amazing for my soul.

Today I was going, then Hubbie had plans, his plans changed, and then I was going. Friend picked me up and just like that I was on my way. My heart wasn’t in it. I had a million reasons to do something else. Picking up after these monsters all day has to count for something. Paperwork, life, planning, laundry, dishes…the list is endless.

But, in we walked. The ripped guy at the counter talking to the thin girl adamantly arguing something with him didn’t see us at first. My requires that you scan either the app or your card. So, we waited a moment and he scans us into the workout area. Shnikes…forgot my water bottle. The bottle I bought so as to bring my own water that does not taste like chlorine. I really dislike the taste of almost all water. But that is a story for another time. I don’t care what anyone says. Water has a taste.

Oh, well, onto some funky machine Friend picked that well…I have no idea what or how to work. I begin. WHAT?!?! Why does this thing not spin!?!?! What in the what in the?!?!? She is laughing at me. “It doesn’t go around. You are supposed to pick your legs up and down.”

“Am I skiing or goose-stepping?” What is happening? This machine is for someone tall. I cannot see over the top except to watch my hair which is on top of my head bounce. She is staring at me as I continually stop to adjust my wireless headphones that do NOT seem to fit in my ears. Shoulda checked this out before now. Great…oh wait love this song…jamming now. And up and down up and down…where is she going?

“Going to get the spray” she mouths at me and points. I guess we are done with all that. Thank you LORD! I had no idea what I was doing. Wipe down the machines.

Now, the crazy circuit area. There is only one gentleman in there and he is almost finished. We debate where to start as the stations are numbered 1-20. The older gentleman has left. Friend begins on the stairs and I begin on one of the resistance machines for your arms. Looking at the pictures and I figure out how the heck this thing works. GREEN LIGHT Okay, I can do this. Cruising to my jams and one and two….etc. RED LIGHT okay to the steps. Up and Down Up and Down GREEN LIGHT (Am I supposed to take a brief pause until the green light?) Okay continuing on: up and down up and down RED LIGHT switch again leg resistance machine. A lady eyeballs us and since we are taking up a few of the areas she, her husband (he looked really uncomfortable to be there) and her daughter walk in and she points them to their areas to start. She smiles and then with only one earbud in I can hear as she starts telling her husband what to do. There must have been a previous REDLIGHT okay on to the next machine GREEN LIGHT argument about this workout. “I do NOT appreciate it. This is working out and it is not easy. I do not appreciate it, our daughter doesn’t and I am sure these ladies and everyone working their butt off does not appreciate…” Friend and I look at each other giggling. “They are laughing…they get it.” He continues stepping trying to look enthusiastic as his daughter also begins laughing. This bickering made my workout y’all. There is something cute about seeing a couple that is annoying each other but loving each other. Halfway through GREEN LIGHT RED LIGHT “See what she is doing go side to side” she is pointing at me. I laugh. “Why is it harder side to side” he begins imitating me, “Oh, man, it is.” “What was that? Tiring? Out of breath darling?” she smirks at him. I can feel the blood beating in my face and sweat pouring down my back. She turns to Friend and I. “I am sorry about him.” “I have one too.” I joke, “I haven’t gotten him here yet, but he is signed up.” Friend giggles, “It’ll be the same.” We continue and finish the circuit with a brief stretch at the end. My arms and legs are heavy, breath is strained, face pounding, I grab a drink at the fountain. GROSS chlorine. My stomach is hurting. I am going to have to remember to be a little careful since 8 was my first C-section and a year later I am somewhat still sensitive I believe due to separation of my muscles (also multiple pregnancy can do that.) but it was awesome.

We finished the circuit and made it. I am still high on endorphins and loving it. I can’t wait to go back albeit hydrated properly. Had some tummy issues due to bad hydration so be forewarned the gym can and will hit back.

One meal at a time, one workout at a time, one day at a time. We got this! Who is with me?


My Weekly Menu THM style!


Menu planning can save money and lives! Seriously, when in a pinch and Ty asks what is for dinner…menus have saved my life and his.

Attempting to make life easier I have read tons of blogs, books, and articles that detail how to run a large family. Many a mama swears by menus. I have found that when implemented even loosely they save me a lot of headache.

THM? What is THM? I am so glad you asked. This brings us to the “health” and “wellness” part of my journey. From the trenches it is hard to believe that we have to take care of ourselves. But it is imperative that we not forget to put our mask on first. With a lot of my readings I was given many useful resources. A fellow large family mom handed me an Above Rubies magazine probably ten years ago. It was wonderful! Full of the Lord’s word, inspiration and love from women just like me. I was hooked. Well, Nancy Campbell, who puts out the Above Rubies magazine had two of her daughters who were interested in health and wellness. They spent years writing an amazing albeit rather hefty book. I will review all their books in other posts. But THM or Trim Healthy Mama was the name of their eating plan.

I have dabbled in and out of it for about three and a half years. *Clears throat* Glad to say it works wonderfully. When I actually am not emotionally stuffing my face with sugar and self sabotaging. This year I have really committed myself to following it. I am back “on plan” and this menu reflects the changes I am making. Even with the holidays and some off plan eating I have been successful in losing 20lbs since October 2017. The Facebook group has been an amazing support and has helped a lot when it comes to being able to ask questions or jump on for prayer or support.

Some of the recipes are self explanatory, others have pages and book reference, and others have a link to some of my favorite blogs with THM related information and recipes. Including a photo so you can see what the books all look like.

Here is my THM menu with tweaks for my kiddos here and there:

Day 1:

  • S Breakfast: 2 Eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, hemp hearts (they are so yummo!), and a cup of coffee with cream and THM Super sweet or Truvia or other plan approved sweetener. (Kiddos will have with toast and butter.)
  • E Lunch: Tuna with quiona and brown rice, and frozen strawberries on the side. (Kiddos had tuna mac and cheese with veggies.)
  • S Snack: Hunk of cheese and a piece of lean deli meat (Kiddos tend to rummage in the fridge and each gravitate towards something yogurt, applesauce, veggies and ranch, or fruit.)
  • FP Dinner: Spaghetti sauce over cauliflower with a dash of parmesan cheese. (Kiddos and hubbie are eating it over whole wheat pasta.)
  • FP Dessert: Cottage Berry Whip 374 in Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook

Day 2:

  • E Breakfast: Baked Blueberry Oatmeal from A Home With A Purpose  (Kids will have this with a swirl of maple syrup)
  • S Lunch: Joseph’s Pita sandwich with tomato, pickle, lettuce, cheese, mayo, mustard and lean deli meat and cucumbers to dip in ranch. (Kiddos will have same sandwich on sprouted bread with cucumbers and carrots for dipping.)
  • FP Snack: 000 Yogurt (again kid’s will find a snack)
  • S Dinner: Hamburgers over salad for me and hubbie. (Kiddos will have it over buns with cheesy veggies)

Day 3:

  • S Breakfast: Skinny Chocolate Chip Muffin in a Mug page 279 Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook (Kiddos can make oatmeal to their tastes) (Regular Chocolate Chip Muffins for kiddos)
  • S Lunch: Repeat day 1
  • FP Snack: String Cheese and berries
  • S Dinner: Baked Chicken with garlic butter green beans and side salad (Kiddos get mashed potatoes)
  • S Dessert: Cake in a mug with a little sprinkle of THM Gentle Sweet or plan approved sweetener pg 366 in Trim Healthy Mama original book (Making them regular cake with organic sugar)

Day 4

Day 5

  • E Breakfast: TH Pancakes Trim Healthy Cookbook pg 480 for syrup and pg 259 pancakes (Kiddos will have regular syrup)
  • S Lunch: Chicken quesadilla on lo carb tortilla for me and regular for kids with berries on the side
  • FP Snack: Greek 0% fage Yogurt with berries and sweetener/ mixed with honey for kiddos
  • S Dinner: Egg Roll in a bowl pg 62 Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook
  • Repeat Dessert Day 3

Day 6

  • S Breakfast: Repeat day 1
  • S Lunch: Crockpot Cheesy Chicken (chicken breasts, block of cream cheese 1/3 less fat, and salsa left on high for 6 hours) over noodles for kiddos zucchini noodles for hubbie and I.
  • S Snack: Veggies tray with plan approved dip
  • S Dinner: Leftovers Day 5
  • S Dessert: skinny chocolate (tons of recipes out there google it and you will be amazed)

Day 7

  • E Breakfast:French Toast made with sprouted bread and egg whites for hubbie and I and leftover syrup from Day 5. (Yolks added to kids eggs for extra protein maple syrup)
  • S Lunch: Large Green Salad with deli meat, cheese, veggies, and topped with Italian dressing (PB and J for kiddos with small side salad)
  •  FP Snack: repeat day 4
  • S Dinner: Cheesy Tuna Casserole pg 125 Trim Healthy Table with a large side salad